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What we do

We are a collaborative team focused on branding and digital projects. Branding projects range from logotypes and visual identity development to collateral design. In the digital space, we are experts in website design, web app development, UX prototyping, information architecture, API development, and web service integrations.


Below are a few samples of our work. The project scopes range from visual branding/identity to web and app design.

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Engine Collaborative is powered by Rob Yedlin, Lead Developer, and Chris Bernay, Senior Art Director and Graphic Designer. We're an international duo (Minnesota and Costa Rica, respectively) with diverse, yet complementary skills and backgrounds.

Chris Bernay


With more than 16 years in the industry, I am a senior art director and graphic designer who specializes in branding, packaging, and digital projects.

I was the South American Regional Creative Director and Chief in Design at the prestigious Leo Burnett advertising agency in Buenos Aires. I have developed visual identities and designs for many organizations from around the world since 2009.

Rob Yedlin


I'm a web developer who comes from a liberal arts background. I cut my teeth in web design and development through a renewable energy education company, where I held a position on the leadership team.

I bring years of experience in business strategy, operations and IT to Engine, and have developed many websites and web applications since 2010.

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